April 18th

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Vip Email/Report from Jill Cohen

Jill and AmyJill and AmyFrom: Jill Cohen
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 8:52:59 AM
Subject: yosemite vip weekend april 2009!

well we had a fabulous start to the climbing year in our first volunteer in the park project at yosemite last weekend. our task was to move the tent platforms we built at the end of last season over to camp 4. we started setting up the structures, did some painting of the platforms as well as painted some of the existing tent cabin doors and porches. we got quite a bit done but it was too much for only 6 hours. i'm sure we'll probably have to finish it out next month!

the valley was absolutely beautiful and the weather was amazing. i've never seen yosemite falls with so much water! and there was still some snow in the merced. best part of the work day for me was spotting a bear! someone had been yelling like a banshee at camp 4. i thought someone had fallen off rock and was trying to get help. then i see him running. so i go stalking... the guy doubles back to continue bouldering and i spot the bear. i slowly approached and came upon it while it was playing with a lime green nalgene bottle. it spied me just as i got one great photo! (though it needs some light adjustment. however, the bear just wouldn't sit for another photo!)(honestly, don't they train them!) anyway, here are some shots of yosemite, camp 4, the bear and more are here:


April 18th


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Project Details:

Ken Stowell has our group assisting with the Buildings and Grounds Repairs in the valley. Ken will meet us at our campsite Saturday at 9:00am.

Campsite Info:
Apparently, Ken stowell was able to reserve us campsite 'D' in Yellow Pines after all.

If you have a child under the age of 18 years old, please download, print and bring this form with you.


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